Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Creature Commandos! Part 13 (WWT #118)

I actually do have WWT #117, I just don't think it would make for a decent post. Suffice it to say, it was about the CCs and Shrieve being forcibly put on leave/behind a desk, only to come together to stop a secret Nazi plot anyway. Shrieve might actually sort of like these dudes, it turns out, by the way. Eh, he's still an asshole.

Imagine for a minute that the CCs had JAKE and Sgt. Coker instead of Shrieve. That's a dream team right there.

This one's another GI Robot crossover, and as before JAKE takes the fore for the most of it. Granted, then it says 'the end' and the CCs finally show up, so I guess I can just start there. JAKE got a medal from the King of England for bravery, and now the CCs are up to get some hardware of their own. Even though their logo is the biggest on the cover, by the way, this story is like seven pages.

The King's, uh, page or whatever reads the citation provided. He also lampshades how detailed it is, saying that whatever officer wrote this up must be some frustrated novelist. Oh, and the King's taking this all in stride since he's kind of boss like that.

I remember when Griffith was a bloodthirsty lunatic, but for a while now he's been a pretty cool dude, essentially the same person in both wolf and human form. Eh, let's call that 'character development' (I'm feeling generous today). There's a lot of crap about how kids are innocent and get the CCs, but I don't know if I necessarily buy it. They also show one of the kids feeling Griffith's wolf face and not being freaked out, because that's how saintly these kids are. As you can imagine, it's not long before something goes wrong.

Vicious Nazi POWs! The CCs offer themselves up for capture, but the escapees are smarter than that and take the kids, reasoning that nobody will attack the guys who have blind kids hostage. Now, that might make sense if you were dealing with regular soldiers who are written by a sane human being, but these are the Creature Commandos and they're written by Bob Kanigher, so obviously it doesn't end there. The escapees hijack a freight train, and the CCs head after them by air.

I feel like Velcro's bat form keeps getting bigger. Anyway, after he takes out the guard on top, the CCs land their tiny glider plane on the train. The ridiculousness of this idea is made apparent after they've bailed out, when the glider is smashed to pieces as the train goes through a tunnel. Kunzer sends some guys up to the roof to investigate the noise, but naturally the CCs are up there waiting for them.

Good guy or no, Griffith's really getting better at battle banter. Used to be he would just scream about blood. Surprisingly enough, Lucky contributes pretty much nothing to this whole adventure other than chipping in for the final gunfight, which isn't usually his job anyway. It's weird to see Griffith get in bigger and better hits than Lucky.

Whew, I almost thought a train-related adventure would pass without a 'punching a ticket' joke for a second there. Close call. Anyway, the CCs come out on top, doing away with all the escaped POWs and saving the blind little kids. Upon hearing all this, the King gives them medals without hesitation, and Rhodes, no joke, says the kids (who it turns out are present for the ceremony) are the real heroes and pins the brass on them instead. Not to ruin this Hallmark moment, but the kids didn't really do anything but accept the CCs for who the--oh, I get it, that's why they're the real heroes. 

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