Friday, May 10, 2013

Joe Casey, Comics' Most Perfect Writer, part 1: The Intimates

I just want to talk about one of my favorite writers in the business right now, Joe Casey.

There's little that Casey has written that I DON'T enjoy immensely (WildCATS 3.0, sadly, was pretty much the only incarnation of that book that I didn't like).

Take, for instance, The Intimates.

Too Cool for Super-School

There's a few themes that Casey seems to touch upon in virtually everything he writes, and this comic contains most of them -- namely, the self-destructive nature of teenage living. Often one of the most tumultuous periods in a person's life, blah blah, but this comic, set at the Seminary, a school for budding superheroes, is for you if you were ever or ever plan on becoming a teenager. There's a lot to love, including the fantastic art by Giuseppe Camuncoli (below; cover above by Jim Lee)

Furthermore, almost every page has an "infoscroll" at the bottom, featuring facts and statistics relating to the stuff on the page, background information on the characters, etc. One of the first things that gets mentioned at all in the series is that information isn't restricted at the Seminary, and it isn't in the comic, either -- you're constantly assaulted with more information, which is something that both tickles my fancy because I'm a huge nerd like that, and serves as a commentary on the information age.

Like a lot of cool comics, this one didn't last, being canceled with the 12th issue, but it remains a favorite of mine.


  1. I love this comic book! It needs more love...thanks for giving it some. (Now, gotta re-read it!)

    1. There are way too many comics out there that seem to have no fans but me, so "giving love" is probably going to be a recurring theme.

      That said, glad to see somebody else has even heard of the Intimates -- much less the stuffed bull himself!