Sunday, July 14, 2013

It Came from the Dollar Bin! (Prologue)

I recently hit a used book store to see what they had in the way of comics. Turns out they had a huge, like, horizontal shelf for single issues, with 4 or 5 longbox-length individual shelves. And I'm not sure what this says about my taste, but I found everything I like there, in that bin, costing a dollar bagged and 50 cents loose.

This isn't something I'd done since I was a kid, understand; most of my comics are bought as they come out, or in trades if they're older. I swear, my back is killing me after bending over those boxes for as long as I did.

Oh, and speaking of trades, the selection was pretty poor. Before I moved on to the bin, I checked the trades on the shelves -- the only thing I was vaguely interested in reading, much less owning, was, no joke, Trouble by Mark Millar and Terry Dodson.

Anyway, the dollar bin. It was a veritable treasure trove of amazing material; I went home with only 9 issues, but I'm VERY happy with my purchases.

Sectaurs #1 (For my 80s mania; they also had Robotix #1, but I had to draw the line somewhere)
H-E-R-O Double Feature (collecting the first two issues)
DNAgents #1
Tom Strong #4 (AKA the one with the Art Adams art)
Ninja High School #1
Youngblood #1 (for historical context, primarily)
The Tick: Heroes of the City #1
Gen13 vol. 1 #12 and #25

There was a whole collection of Gen13 v1 in there, all bagged and boarded, though the issues were jumbled about quite a bit, as customers pull stuff out then shove it wherever all the time. There were also issues missing, which I imagine was due to other customers buying them previously. Other complete collections included Catwoman, Stormwatch, and X-Force. Also DV8, but that was incomplete as hell, as if someone bought up the whole run before I got there and only extra issues were left. I actually saw some comics that I picked up in a used book store when I was a kid, like Generation X #4 (the Christmas issue with Orphan Maker).

Oh, and I found some New 52 stuff. Yeah, already in the dollar bin (though, admittedly, it was GI Combat and Deathstroke)

In the spirit of all this crap I found, I'm going to do a one-off post about each #1 in there. Just the #1s; I don't want to jump into story arcs all half-cocked.

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